Umrah description_animation

An educational film about #Umrah
In #animation format
It took a year and a half to write the text and screenplay for Ibrahim Al-Sawy
Dr. Saif Hafez
Dr. Abdul Rahim Al Balushi
Produced by Ajyad Association
General Supervisor Dr. Issam bin Hashim Al-Jifri
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ajyad Association, A. Abdullah Abdul Aziz Al-Anqari
Secretary-General of the Ibrahim Al-Anqari and His Descendants Charitable Foundation Followup A.Issam Batawi
Executive Director of the Society’s Scientific Committee, Dr. Seif Allah Hafez Dr. Abdul Rahim Al
Audio commentary by Dr. Youssef Al-Aqeel
Dialogue performance: Abdullah Habib Adel Al-Rahrani
Audio engineering and mixing, Muhammad Al-Talili
General supervision: Ibrahim Al-Sawy
Directed by Ibrahim Al-Sawy